A Guide On How to Run A Sustainable Business

A Guide On How to Run A Sustainable Business
Here are six different sustainable projects you can put in place to encourage yourself and your staff to be environmentally mindful every day.


Establishing a recycling program in your company is a common strategy to increase awareness around sustainability. Educate your employees on proper waste disposal by posting clear signage on designated waste stations to help them identify between what belongs in the recycling, compost, and trash bins.

Buy plants

Plants in the workplace can assist to enhance your workplaces, improve the overall ambiance, and reduce tension and anxiety among your employees. Indoor vegetation can help to increase oxygen levels while also removing contaminants like carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. According to NASA studies, indoor plants can eliminate 87percent of indoor air pollutants in just 24 hours.

Save energy

Turning off the lights and electronic devices around the workplace during off-hours helps to conserve energy resources while also saving your business money on your electric bill. Ensure that your company's policy on minimising energy usage at their desks and around the office has been conveyed to employees, and offer advice like turning off computers at the end of the day and turning off lights when a meeting room is not in use. If you work for yourself this piece of advice can be just as applicable.

Get outside and volunteer

Cause-driven volunteer programs are an excellent way to support something meaningful and have a big impact on your communities. There are all sorts of green causes and conservation campaigns your company can participate in. Find a philanthropic project that’s close to your organisation’s heart and get your people involved.

Promote a paperless office

Companies have grown more collaborative, streamlined, efficient, and yes, greener as a result of digital and cloud computing technologies. Paper and ink are being replaced with an eco-friendly alternative, from using desktop apps likeMicrosoft Office and Google Drive to investing indigital HR and payroll tools to manage workforce management.

Save human energy

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about environmental practices, the well-being of your employees is critical to your company's healthy habits. The importance of mindfulness cannot be overstated.Consider how keeping your personnel healthy and energised will benefit your company's overall production. Establish a safe, non-toxic environment for your employees at all times to keep them happy and energized.

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