Top 3 Sales Tips for a Crowd1 Affiliate

Top 3 Sales Tips for a Crowd1 Affiliate
The most important part of being a Crowd1 Affiliate is certainly the ability to sell, and the ability to get other people involved by communicating your passion for the products and the possibilities. However, a lot of people before starting with Crowd1 have no previous sales experience. Due to this, the first few months are always quite tricky for some Affiliates, we want to help you improve your selling techniques with just a few tips that we want to communicate to you today. So what are our top 3 selling tips?

1. Face-to-face contact

Firstly, people really don’t like being sold to by someone who they have never met, and especially someone who they think does not have their best interests at heart. This can be easily solved by meeting people face to face, and really communicating your passion directly so they feel inspired to get on board with Crowd1 with you. It is so much better than just spamming internet forums, which doesn’t work for the most part.

2. Know your stuff

Too many people when starting out with Crowd1 don’t properly research the products before they start selling and getting people involved. This is a mistake that will invariably lead to potential clients and partners being turned off the sales pitch as they realise that you don’t know a whole lot about the business you are in. Make sure you do your research and know the products in and out, and even try them out so you see them from a user perspective.

3. Show passion

Some people really like to remain as professional as possible when they sell products and refrain from showing too much passion and enthusiasm for the product in lieu of remaining formal and composed. This is a mistake when it comes to Crowd1 selling, as clients really prefer someone who shows passion and excitement for the products and opportunities. Show your passion, and excite the customer.

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