How Crowd1 works

Unleash opportunities. Here's how to get involved.

Get involved with Crowd1

It is completely free to join Crowd1. However, you always need a sponsor's link. With that link you can then go on to browse the C-Store and explore all our great products as a customer. If you would like to get more involved you can recommend the products to others as a Member. You can also decide to grow your own crowd as an entrepreneur. Members and entrepreneurs are called Affiliates of Crowd1. To avoid any confusion, at no level, Crowd1 is an investment scheme.

Become a member

Becoming a Member confers the right to share that Member’s personal link to recommend others to become Customers, Members or Entrepreneurs. In order to qualify as an Active Member, at least one personal purchase of a product or service has to be made from the C-Store, thus earning various bonuses.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

A Crowd1 Member becomes an Entrepreneur when they have purchased a Starter Package, and started to build their team. Starter Packages can also be earned through the Fear of Loss Bonus.

Entrepreneur status entitles an Affiliate to take full advantage of the bonuses and incentives on offer from Crowd1, and of course to all the benefits of being a Member.

Enjoy our products

It is completely free to register an account with Crowd1. The only thing you need is a sponsor's link. With that link you can then go on to browse the C-Store and buy products for your own enjoyment. Perhaps you'd like to take part in one of the many exciting Miggster tournaments or get some brilliant discounts on Hotels and cruises. Click here to see what other products we have on offer.